What can I Expect After Mesotherapy?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

A non-invasive cosmetic procedure, mesotherapy treatments, despite producing good long-term results, can initially leave black and blue marks on the area that has been treated. Immediately after mesotherapy, there may be a brief time period of 15 to 25 minutes when a slight burning sensation is experienced. There may also be slight swelling in the treated area. For up to a week after mesotherapy, there may be a soreness in the location where the mesotherapy injection treatment has been administered.

As with any injection, there is a slight sting as the needle enters the skin. There may also be a pinching feeling as the drug is injected. Topical anesthetics are available, however, to minimize any immediate discomfort a patient may experience.

After receiving mesotherapy treatments, bruising is not uncommon. To reduce the bruising, patients are advised to take the homeopathic supplement arnica. This supplement can also be applied topically, as it comes in a cream form.

With many cosmetic procedures, there is a necessary recovery time required. After mesotherapy, there is no required recovery time. A patient can return to work immediately following the treatment. Many patients even choose to go for a treatment during their lunch time and return having received a treatment with their co-workers none the wiser.

The needles used to administer mesotherapy treatments are quite short in comparison to regular needles used for other medical procedures. The needles range from 4 mm to 6 mm, depending on the patient's specific skin. These specific needles are also very thin. This is one reason why there is minimal marking on the skin after mesotherapy treatments.

As with any injection, there is a minimal possibility of infection in the area that has been treated. It is important to keep the treated area clean and to follow all post-treatment directions given by the physician. Keep the injection site covered for the specified amount of time.

When receiving a mesotherapy treatment, a patient should expect to receive a detailed description of the type of medications that were administered as part of his or her specific injection. The combination of medications and vitamins administered differs from patient to patient and is dependent on the patient's specific needs. For this reason, a physician after mesotherapy should submit a written statement to the patient. Prior to receiving the treatment, the patient should make sure that this information will be provided. If the detailed summary will not be provided, the patient should consider another doctor to administer treatments.

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