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What Are the Different Procedures for Cellulite?

Dee Jones
Dee Jones

There are many procedures for cellulite, a condition that can cause the skin in certain areas, like the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks, to look puckered and dimpled. Laser treatments or vigorous massage treatments, like endermologie, can be effective, though massage treatments must be continued indefinitely to maintain results. While there are many creams and lotions on the market that claim to be able to get rid of or improve the look of cellulite, the only ones proven to be effective are those that contain retinoids, or retinol.

Liposuction may come to mind as a potential treatment for cellulite, it can make cellulite look even worse. Many believe there are more effective, not to mention less invasive, procedures for cellulite than liposuction. Losing weight, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet have been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite. Weight loss has its limits, however, and it is unlikely that weight loss alone will make cellulite completely go away.

A technique called endermologie can decrease cellulite.
A technique called endermologie can decrease cellulite.

Some of the most effective procedures for cellulite use painless lasers. Studies have shown that certain laser treatments can help the skin look less puckered and dimpled, melt and rearrange fatty tissue, and stimulate the production of collagen, which will help improve skin firmness. Typically during laser procedures, a device is passed over the area where cellulite is present. Patients who have undergone laser treatments report that the treatments are not painful or even unpleasant. For the best results, patients are encouraged to undergo 30 minute treatments every week for about two months.

Many procedures for cellulite employ some kind of massage to smooth skin puckering, remove toxins and excess fluids, and improve blood circulation in the areas affected by cellulite. One such procedure is endermologie, a deep massage treatment in which hand-held devices are uses to vigorously knead and massage the skin. endermologie works best when combined with a proper diet and a regular exercise routine. Regular treatments are also required, indefinitely, to maintain results.

Some people would prefer to avoid medical procedures for cellulite reduction and rely on at-home cellulite treatments instead. Many cellulite creams available commercially claim to be able to reduce or eliminate cellulite, but there is little evidence that most of these creams actually work. One possible topical solution is retinol cream which has been proven to improve the look of cellulite with regular use. While there are over the counter products that contain retinol, prescription retinol creams are usually the most effective.

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@Sara007 - You're in luck actually, the retinol cream has worked for me, though I wouldn't expect any drastic improvement without exercise. What I noticed was that the heavier I was the more obvious the cellulite was.

What the cream did for me was soften the appearance of the lumps. It looks like it smoothed them out a bit. My friend even felt brave enough to compliment me on it and ask me what I was using.

I think the key is reading product reviews online and finding something that is recommended by real people. All the stuff on product's page I wouldn't trust though as it is probably just good PR.


Does anyone have any experience with using a retinol cream at home? Did you find that it actually helped reduce the appearance of cellulite?

I have noticed that my thighs are looking a bit lumpy and while I didn't have cellulite when I was younger, it certainly seems to be creeping up on me now. I am pretty horrified and would love if I could try some at home solutions to make it look, well, less bad.

I am cautious about creams because they can be expensive, and I know some of the ones I have purchased to reduce the appearance of wrinkles haven't done anything.

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    • A technique called endermologie can decrease cellulite.
      By: karelnoppe
      A technique called endermologie can decrease cellulite.