How do I Choose the Best Wardrobe Organizer?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Organizers affect the amount of hanging space in a closet.
Organizers affect the amount of hanging space in a closet.

To choose the best wardrobe organizer, you will want to determine the amount of space you have, as well as the types of clothing, shoes, and accessories you want to organize in the closet or wardrobe. You also need to consider whether you want freestanding racks and shelves, or if you are capable of installing racks and mounting shelves to the wall. This is generally not particularly difficult if you have some construction knowledge, but it might not be possible if you live in an apartment or home that you do not own.

After you've determined whether you can mount items to the wall or not, or if you even want to purchase a wardrobe organizer that is this complex, you will want to shop around. These items may be ordered online, often in custom sizes, or they may be purchased in kits. The kits may be found in organizational stores or home improvement stores, and can vary in price depending on the materials used to create the wardrobe organizer. Real wood shelves, for example, will be considerably more expensive than racks and shelving made of wire or compressed woods such as particle board. Many people find that a kit is most convenient, however, rather than trying to purchase individual shelves of varying sizes.

Careful measurements of the height and width of the closet are important in order to purchase the best wardrobe organizer. This will affect the width of the shelves as well as the various heights where clothing racks can be installed. Many people will choose to leave one rack relatively open underneath, for the purpose of hanging longer items such as dresses, with shorter racks installed for hanging shirts or pants. Corner shelves or shelves of different sizes that need to be fitted into a specific pattern will require even more careful measuring and planning to prevent mistakes.

There are a number of additional features that can be added to a wardrobe organizer that can make it even more functional. A shoe rack can help to keep shoes off the floor, and make them neat and easy to find. A tie rack can be a great way to keep ties neat, and accessory hooks can be helpful for hanging other items such as scarves or necklaces to prevent them from getting tangled. Planning ahead and determining how the wardrobe organizer will be used is a good way to ensure that it meets your needs.

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    • Organizers affect the amount of hanging space in a closet.
      By: xy
      Organizers affect the amount of hanging space in a closet.