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How do I Choose the Best Pewter Sconces?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

When you are shopping for pewter sconces, you'll want to consider the style and quality of the fixture. Pewter sconces come in different types of finishes, including solid pewter, aged pewter, and brushed pewter, which has a matte finish. Some antique pewter sconces are cameo shaped in gold or even black tones. Still others lend a modern touch of light with sharp lines and highly polished pewter. When you choose this type of lighting, you may want to think about how much money you want to spend as well as the type of skills needed to install the fixture.

When choosing pewter sconces, consider how you want them to light the room. You may want to add a backdrop of light and choose to go with vintage candelabra-type sconces, strategically placed around a room. Alternately, you may like an older light fixture, such as a turn-of-the-century wall sconce, with aged pewter. In that case, you might have to search a bit for your sconce by visiting antique fairs, garage sales, or different sites on the Internet. You can also decide to buy the next best thing; a new sconce that has been made to look antique may feature brushed pewter to make it look authentic, and will most likely be much easier to find.

A person may be able to find nice pewter scones at local garage sales.
A person may be able to find nice pewter scones at local garage sales.

To provide an instant update to a classic room, traditional pewter sconces with either a single or double arm may transform an area with creative touches of light. These sconces may be contemporary-looking fixtures with several lights or a simple one arm unit mounted on a square or oval pewter plate. Sometimes pewter sconces offer fixtures with movable arms and changeable light positions to create different lighting moods. The lights can be angled up to highlight artwork or down to provide more direct light.

Of course, you may prefer an easier kind of lighting installation, and candlestick wall sconces might be the right choice for you. Some of these sconces feature hand blown hurricane glass shades, which allow the candlelight to flicker about, casting shadows in the room. This type of sconce requires no wiring and provides a warm glow in your home. This can be especially effective in an older home, fitting into its natural ambiance and style.

If you are working within a budget, there are modern pewter sconces that are battery run and nearly maintenance free, outside of replacing batteries and light bulbs. You could also get lucky and find an antique wall sconce at a garage sale for a good price. Some pewter sconces are made with a pewter finish instead of solid pewter, which could also lower the price considerably.

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    • A person may be able to find nice pewter scones at local garage sales.
      By: Alexey Stiop
      A person may be able to find nice pewter scones at local garage sales.