What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Sconces?

B. Miller

Wall sconces are a popular type of accent lighting for a bedroom, with one frequently mounted on each side of the bed so one person can simply reach up and turn on the light. Though bedroom sconces at one time primarily functioned as decorative candle holders, sconces today are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. There are many different designs of bedroom sconces in traditional or more modern looks, and featuring many different types of hardware and glass shades. Some may be plugged into an existing outlet, making them somewhat easier to install, while others must be wired into the wall, which will require professional work.

In the bedroom, sconces can be placed on each side of the bed in order to provide reading light.
In the bedroom, sconces can be placed on each side of the bed in order to provide reading light.

When choosing bedroom sconces, it is helpful to consider the rest of the decor in the room, and whether it is more traditional or more modern. Traditional wall sconces might have brass or copper bases and hardware, for example, with traditional fluted glass shades for the light bulbs. Wrought iron styles are also pretty popular, and can be a bit more ornate. More modern sconces might be made of materials such as silver or even simple glass, and may be in more geometric shapes such as squares or rectangles. There are many different options to be found in stores or online, so it is helpful to browse around to get a general idea of the different looks available.

Another option is to purchase antique bedroom sconces, which can give the room a nice look if it matches the rest of the decor. If doing this, however, be sure the wall sconces are wired properly and still function perfectly so they do not present a fire hazard. Purchasing bedroom sconces with colored glass shades is another option, which can look nice in more colorful rooms, or even in kids' rooms to make it look more festive.

The way bedroom sconces are mounted on the wall and installed can vary as well. Certain inexpensive, corded sconces can simply be hung on the wall similar to a picture frame and plugged in to an existing outlet. For people in apartments, or who do not want to rewire their rooms, this can be a good option though somewhat less aesthetically pleasing because the cord can still be seen. More commonly, the sconces will need to be wired directly into the wall, which will require electrical knowledge; they can then be wired into a switch, or turned on and off directly at the sconce.

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