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How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Wall Sconces?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

Outdoor wall sconces can be a charming way to light up a front entry way, porch or backyard deck area. When shopping for outdoor lighting, you want to make sure the sconce is intended for outdoor use, able to withstand extremes of weather and appropriate for use in a wet location. The next thing to think about is how much light you need — you want to ensure the fixture will provide enough light on your porch or patio. You may also want to think about installation; if the sconce seems to have complicated wiring, you may need to hire a professional. Of course, style will usually play a part in your decision, and there are many outdoor wall sconces available, from rustic lantern lights to more contemporary style sconces, so you will probably find a light fixture to complement the style of your home.

If you enjoy the look of an older light fixture, then hanging-lantern style sconces may be for you. The lantern style light is quite often a popular choice with homeowners because it tends to create a homey kind of feel. It may have a solid brass body with clear glass and a candelabra bulb or be more rustic in nature, with hand forged iron, featuring sculpted moose or trees, lending an air of country charm to your home. If you prefer a softer lighting effect, maybe an aged-bronze hanging lantern with frosted or water-seeded glass panels is for you.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

You may be more comfortable with a more modern look, and there are interesting bold shapes available when it comes to outdoor wall sconces. These lights often combine angled shapes with different types of metals. For instance, an oblong styled sconce rimmed in steel can illuminate quite a large area and blend right in with a more contemporary style home. For those who prefer more light, there are also outdoor wall sconces that feature two lights per fixture, offering motion sensors to save on energy consumption. The option of installing several sconces is also something to think about if you have enough outdoor space.

There are also inexpensive options to consider that will provide ample light for less money if you are working within a budget. Some outdoor wall sconces utilize fluorescent lighting to bathe your walkway in generous amounts of light. These lights are available in many different styles, often mimicking more expensive sconces, so you will not have to skimp on style.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower