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What are the Different Types of Outdoor Ceiling Lighting?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Keeping the exterior of a house bathed in light at night can be an effective defense against intruders, and also allows homeowners to see well enough to enjoy their yard at night. For this reason, there are a few types of outdoor ceiling lighting, including a hanging lantern that is suitable for either the front yard or the backyard. On the other hand, many people have porch lights that are either recessed or mounted flush with the ceiling, while their backyard might feature a ceiling fan that is the source of both light and a breeze.

One of the most popular types of outdoor ceiling lighting is a fixture that is mounted flush with the ceiling. This kind of lighting can be basic, with a simple square or round shape, often constructed of aluminum or bronze. Of course, this kind of outdoor ceiling lighting can also be upgraded, in which case its shape may be more complex, such as a diamond, trapezoid, or lantern style. Many homes come standard with either basic flush mount lighting, or recessed outdoor track lighting. The latter type features at least three lights in a row that sit just above the ceiling surface rather than being flush with it.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Some people prefer to dress up the exterior of their home with a hanging lantern, which tends to add an antique touch while casting a glow of light around the fixture. While this kind of outdoor ceiling lighting always resembles a lantern, the style, size, and shape can all vary. For example, the lantern may be rounded or angular, and may be long or short. Additionally, the style can range from traditional to modern, a detail that the shape and finish often play a part in. No matter the exact style, hanging lanterns can be used on both front porches and backyard patios to illuminate pathways and landscaping.

Ceiling fans are often as important outside as they are inside a home, as they provide both light and air circulation. Outdoor ceiling fans may look similar to those made for the interior, and many can even be used both inside and outside, as long as the specifications say so. On the other hand, some outdoor ceiling fans look markedly different from the indoor kind, as their blades are often made of lighter materials like rattan, or even shaped into leaves. This type of outdoor ceiling lighting is usually made a bit differently than its indoor counterpart, as it needs to be resistant to water and direct sunlight.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass