How do I Find Local Summer Jobs?

The process for finding local summer jobs is straightforward if you know what type of employment you are seeking and where to look. It is important to decide what your specific needs are in terms of the type of work, pay and your desired hours. Local summer jobs are frequently offered by a variety of businesses, including retail stores, grocery stores, corporate offices, hotels and small businesses. You might need to broaden your pool of potential employers if your initial attempts for find a job are unsuccessful.

The first priority when applying for local summer jobs is to put together a résumé. Even if your education and work experience are limited, having a résumé projects a level of professionalism that many employers desire. Using personal contacts is a great way to get the job search started. Ask family members and friends if they know local businesses that are hiring. Some small businesses advertise jobs only via word of mouth, so this technique can uncover jobs whose availability has not been made public.

After exhausting networking contacts, you can read job ads in newspapers and online to find local summer jobs that are available. Many local businesses advertise on websites, including some that are free for job seekers to use. If you are unable to find a local summer job through these means, you can take matters into your own hands and seek out businesses that are most likely to be hiring for summer positions.


Local retailers often need assistance during the summer. You should visit popular retail stores and request an application. Small “mom and pop” stores also are great locations to inquire about openings during the summer. It's likely that someone in your network of contacts knows some of these local small business owners, which can make the application process easier.

Many larger corporations offer numerous summer job opportunities. You can drop by corporate offices in your area to inquire about these positions. Malls also are an excellent place for finding local summer jobs, and you usually will be able to find positions that are available at retailers during the start of the summer season.

Hotels frequently hire additional employees during the summer, when more people are on vacations and staying at hotels. You can stop by popular local hotels and ask about openings. Golf courses also become busier during the summer months, so you might be able to find local summer jobs available at courses in your area.

Summer camps are a terrific option if you are looking for an outdoor summer job. Camps provide a great opportunity to work with children and earn some extra cash during the summer months. There are many additional options available for finding a seasonal job, and the process can be easy and relatively painless if you are dedicated.



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