What are the Benefits of Finding Local Jobs?

Job seekers who have been looking for a position for a while are often tempted to apply to listings outside of their own city. The downside is that such people may miss out on the benefits of local jobs. For example, while these jobs may seem like they are in short supply, local residents typically have a better chance of getting and keeping them than commuters, or candidates applying from other regions or countries. Of course, the short drive is often a benefit on its own, as it can save the local employee up to a few hours each day. A related advantage is the lack of wear and tear on the car, along with the ability to spend very little on gasoline.


One of the main benefits of local jobs is that people who live nearby are typically more likely to get the position than those living out of town. This is because many employers assume that local residents will stay at the job longer than those who commute long distances, as the latter types of employees tend to resent fighting traffic everyday during their long drive. Thus, many people working at local jobs are generally happier with their position, which often shows employers that they have less risk of quitting the job in favor of a closer option. The hiring process is also much simpler, as it is not necessary to get on a plane to got to an interview, and potentially even need to stay overnight in a hotel; this also means that the company might be more likely to invite a local applicant to an interview, since they will not have to pay travel expenses.

Of course, employers usually a have a good reason to believe that long-distance commuters are generally less happy at their jobs. This is because some commuters spend up to a few hours per day driving to and from work. Not only can this be frustrating due to rush hour traffic, but it also takes time out of their day. It often requires employees to wake up much earlier than they would like, and get home barely in time for dinner. Typically, such employees only deal with this inconvenience because they cannot find a closer job. Employees from further away, will likely find starting their new job more stressful since they will be looking for housing and getting to know a new locale at the same time

Not only does a long commute take time out of an employee's day, but it also tends to cost a lot of money over time. The inability to find local jobs may force commuters to put a lot of wear and tear on their vehicle due to their long daily drive. This often requires more frequent oil changes, tire replacements, and major repairs, which can get expensive. Additionally, gasoline is a common expense among commuters, as some people need to fill up their tank a few times per week. Thus, even local jobs that pay a lower salary may seem appealing to those who are tired of traveling to work everyday.



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