What are the Different Local Truck Driving Jobs?

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Truck driving is often immediately associated with distance. Many people are discouraged from entering the industry or leave the industry because of their perceptions that truck drivers must spend a lot of time away from home. Many drivers, however, make a decent living with local trucking driving jobs. This includes options such as fuel delivery, parcel delivery, and construction related hauling.

Fuel delivery can often pay well. There are several options to choose from in this field. One should realize, however, that such jobs generally require a hazardous materials designation in addition to a commercial driver’s license.

A driver may, for example, get a job driving a tanker that distributes fuel to filling stations. This can be an attractive option because it allows for some variety in routes. Instead of being restricted to two points, the driver may load at the same point each time, but his delivery points can vary.

The heating fuel industry can also provide local truck driving jobs. This work usually involves delivering and pumping fuel into tanks at homes and businesses that rely on it for tasks such as cooking and heating. Although the work area may be local, these jobs often involve long hours in the winter, when many homeowners are especially reliant on fuel.


Truck drivers are also needed to refuel other forms of transportation. A person can go to a local airport and apply for a job driving a truck that refuels airplanes. He may also find work at a port or fishing factory, where ships are refueled by tankers.

Parcel delivery is another option. People can often find local truck driving jobs for both governmental and private companies. These jobs are not limited to delivering packages to individuals, although this may be something to consider. A person may also find work hauling large loads between distribution centers.

The agricultural industry can provide local truck driving jobs. There are many products in this industry that need to be moved from one place to another. These include livestock and crops that need to be transported from an agricultural producer to an agricultural processor. Supplies such as animal feed and pest chemicals may also need to be brought in.

Landscaping and construction is another source of local truck driving jobs. These jobs often involve hauling materials that do not need to be transported very far, but which cannot be reasonably moved without a truck. This could include gravel or lumber. It could also involve driving a cement mixing truck.



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