What are Some Good Summer Jobs for Students?

There are many types of suitable summer jobs for students, including retail stock and cashier work, and restaurant help. Depending upon the student's interests and abilities, working as an assistant in various capacities, or doing an internship can also be a consideration. If the student is gifted in a particular area, such as art or mathematics, a part-time job as a tutor could also be an option. Working at amusement parks and zoos are popular summer jobs for students and teenagers.

For the student who is an excellent swimmer, taking a few courses in first aid could help in landing a job as a lifeguard. This is a good opportunity for a paid summer job that could take place right on the beach or at a resort. Preparation for this position would typically involve a training course that might span between 30-40 hours. There may be a fee for registration and training.

If the student is especially good at doing mechanical repairs or handyman jobs, advertising in a local newspaper might prove successful. Placing an ad on a grocery store bulletin board, if permitted, could be another way to promote one's skills in hopes of finding suitable summer jobs for students. Often maintenance workers might be looking for apprentices to train as well.


Very popular and in-demand summer jobs for students would involve babysitting services. Finding odd jobs around the neighborhood by word of mouth, or sitting for friends and family could easily earn the student some extra cash for the summer. Another sitting service that is a good opportunity for students would be pet sitting. The student can inquire around town which families might be planning a vacation and are in need of a responsible individual to care for their pets. This is an especially good choice for the younger student who is not yet old enough to work for a company or business.

Being a camp counselor is a good job for the older student. This is an excellent opportunity for the student to teach and educate younger children, while forming new bonds and friendships. This job would typically involve supervising youngsters at a day camp and overseeing the activities.

Many teenage girls prefer a job as a waitress or server. Some ideal choices for interested students might be fast food restaurants, buffets, or family dining. Alternately, many female students enjoy being a cashier. Supermarkets, department stores, fashion clothing stores, and boutiques are popular for female students looking for seasonal work.



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Our local church always looks for teens to help with the children's ministry for summer. These are great summer jobs for students because they learn so many great skills by working in the day care program. They can also work in the kitchen area, helping to serve meals to the kids or be teacher's assistants in the pre school area. Our church is quite large and is also associated with a K-12 school.

Teens are also needed in the summers to help work with vacation Bible school and in the activities (like sports and drama) programs. There's always a need for teens who love working with kids.

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Student jobs for summer can sometimes be hard to come by. My youngest son has been working every summer for several of our neighbors.

He takes care of their animals, mows their lawn, picks up their newspapers and mail (if they forget to have it postponed), waters their indoor plants, and generally gets paid quite well.

Since this job has grown by word of mouth, he now has several families on the block who rely on him to watch their pets so they can take their family vacations without any worry.

This job has also expanded into a dog walking job which he has also done throughout the school year for families who can't get home to let their pets outside.

This job does require a dependable and mature young teen.

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