How do I get a Summer Job at the Beach?

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You may find that getting a summer job at the beach requires some experience or education depending on what kind of position interests you. When you begin to look for the perfect summer job at the beach, think about the qualifications you may need. If you want a job at a restaurant, you may need some prior experience cooking or waiting tables. Working at a local beach shop may be good if you have had retail experience. Finding a job where you have worked in a similar situation in the past will help you to get the position.

Many beaches have several hotels and resorts to choose from. There are many different positions at beach resorts. You may be qualified to work at a front desk in customer service or at the resort bar or restaurant. Most resorts also hire people to clean the hotel rooms or other parts of the resort. Some resorts also hire lifeguards for the pools as well.

Another way to get a summer job at the beach is to work at a summer camp for kids. This may be a good position if you have prior teaching experience or have had experience in child care. These jobs are often during the day, which could leave you free to enjoy the beach atmosphere at night. A summer camp may also provide you with a place to live while you're working there.


If you want to work directly on the beach, a lifeguard position may be a good choice, since most beaches require several individuals to fill these roles. If you are interested in becoming a beach lifeguard, you must go through training and get your lifeguard certification. Having the certification before applying will help you to get hired. This is another position that lets you to work during the day and enjoy the beach while you're working.

To ensure that you get a summer job at the beach, you will want to apply to as many places as possible. Even though you may want a particular job, you will want to have many options for getting called for a job interview. Filling out an application and handing off your resume to several different places will increase your chances of getting a summer job at the beach.



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Having worked at the beach for several summers in my youth, I find that your chances of landing a job are better at hotels and restaurants. Usually, the summer is the peak season for these places and they add extra staff members during this time.

Though I was a trained lifeguard and this would have been my perfect summer job on the beach, I was never able to land a position. Lifeguard jobs are some of the most sought after at the beach.

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When I was in college, my friends and I would go to the beach on spring breaks. While we were there we would inquire about openings for the summer.

Actually, that was late in the year to be looking for a summer job, but several of my friends were able to get positions for the upcoming summer. Being able to go to the businesses personally and apply is a plus, rather than just sending out applications and speaking over the phone.

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