How do I Choose the Best Part-Time Summer Jobs?

Choosing the best part-time summer jobs can be a difficult but fun process, depending on your interests, career goals, summer goals, and level of motivation. For some people, going to a new and different place for the summer is a priority, while others simply want to make as much money as possible in a short amount of time. Part-time summer jobs can give the employee a relaxing rest from the school year or it can give them valuable experience for a future career; when wading through the lists of part-time summer jobs, you should choose one that fits your goals and financial needs.

If you plan on seeking part-time summer jobs that will help build your resumé, look for relevant positions in your field. Many summer jobs end up being unpaid internships, in which you gain valuable experience but do not get paid for your hours worked. Such an internship is a good choice for a high school or college student looking to boost his or her resumé and establish connections in the field they wish to pursue. If you are financially stable or dependent on parents for your income, an unpaid internship may be a wise decision.


Leisure time during the summer may be important to you, especially if you are a teacher who works long hours during the school year. In this case, low stress part-time summer jobs may be in order. Think about a job that has flexible hours and less responsibility than your teaching position. This will allow you to still enjoy the summer while still maintaining some income. The summer time is a valuable time for teachers not only because it is their time to relax, but also because it is their time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Be sure your part-time summer job does not interfere with your permanent job.

Other options for part-time summer jobs include online jobs such as freelance writing and auction-style selling; jobs abroad, such as leading bicycle tours or even teaching your native language; teaching summer school; working retail; volunteering for any of the non-profit organizations in your area; or becoming a summer camp counselor. The summer is a great time to explore new job areas as well, so if you have an interest in working with children, try that summer camp counselor position and see if you enjoy it. If you have an interest in accounting, apply for that part-time bank teller position. The summer is a great time to experiment, and a summer job can lead you down a new path.



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Part time jobs for high school students can sometimes be difficult to acquire, depending on the city they live in. For example, many cities here in Florida are seasonal and summer is the time when many workers are laid off. Winter is our high season but jobs can be hard to come by then as competition for retail jobs and restaurant jobs are quickly snatched up.

For kids in this position, I'd recommend tutoring, dog-walking, baby sitting, house cleaning, handy man helper, or lawn maintenance.

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For high school students interested in a paid internship with the CIA in Washington, D.C., there are openings every summer.

This summer internship/job for students requires a 3.0 GPA. Some kids really want a taste of something different during their summer break but need to earn money too. This is one of those opportunities that gives kids a way to learn something new while turning their resumes and experience from ho hum to intriguing!

This is just one idea for a paid internship, there are many more out there.

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