What Are the Different Types of Summer Internships for High School Students?

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There are many different types of summer internships for high school students, including opportunities to work in a business environment, outdoor employment, and tutoring. Other options include internships focused on developing the social skills of high school students or providing groundwork for community involvement and social activism.

Internships can provide a way for high school students to get involved in the career field of their choice. They allow students to work and sometimes get paid while investigating the different opportunities available to them. This can help provide direction to students entering college and can also provide those who wish to enter the workforce directly after high school with a hands-on experience and possible future employment opportunities.

Summer internships for high school students can include a wide variety of functions, and jobs are typically found in the business world. This includes secretarial work and jobs focused on assisting various departments commonly found in small and large corporations. Options include internships in graphic design, marketing, and human resources.

Internships can also be found in a particular career field, such as those related to legal and medical careers. High school students looking to enter these fields may be able to intern as a clerk in a law office or help with medical records at a medical facility or physician’s office. Other industries, such as accounting, also hire high school students for summer internships to help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in college or in future employment in the field.


Various skilled professions offer summer internships for high school students. This includes landscaping services and automobile repair garages. Such internships can help prepare a student looking to enter a trade-based profession for future employment upon graduating from high school. Other options include working with a construction company or pool care service.

High school students looking to enter professions such as teaching or social services can benefit from a variety of summer internships. This includes tutoring younger children over the summer to help get them back on track for the new school year. Volunteering with local community groups and recreational centers can also help develop the skills necessary to interact with and influence a diverse population.

Some summer internships for high school students may not be paid, but they serve a greater purpose. Volunteering to work with the elderly or serve the homeless and indigent helps build character. In addition, experiences surrounding this type of summer internship look good on college entrance applications and often give high school students an unfiltered view of the world around them.



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Regardless of the type of career you plan to pursue in college, it is a wise idea to look for summer internships for high school students. This type of experience will not only provide insight into what an actual job will be like, but will also give you an advantage over other students when it comes to your college entrance application.

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