What are the Best Tips for a Summer Job Search?

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Finding a summer job does not have to be a daunting process. A few simple steps can lead a candidate down the road to summer work that can help that person gain valuable experience and income. To start a summer job search, one should first prepare for the task. Assembling a resume and references will help the candidate appear more prepared and professional, and it will give the candidate a wealth of topics to talk about during an interview with a potential employer. A summer job search should start with a perusal of newspaper ads, as well as online job postings.

One should first consider what type of summer job he or she wants. A summer job search can be narrowed down easily by searching only for jobs that fit a certain criteria. Some people may want an internship that will give them experience for a more permanent position. Others may be looking for a job that offers the highest pay. Narrowing down the summer job search can help the candidate find a potential job more quickly. Since summer jobs often fill very quickly, timeliness is key.


Appearing in person to apply for a job is almost always a good idea, but it is important to dress appropriately when going on foot to continue a summer job search. One should look professional, clean, and well put-together, even if the job itself will require the candidate to dress in a jumpsuit or clothes that will get dirty. One should present himself as a professional capable of fitting a role; showing up in a dirty t-shirt and ripped jeans will not give the employer a positive impression of the candidate's character.

Students in high school or college can speed up their summer job search by asking a guidance counselor or career guidance office for help. Such professionals often have links to the local workforce and may know of available jobs in the area. Career or guidance counselors may also help the candidate make a decision as to what type of work would be best for him or her. If the candidate has never searched for a job before, a career counselor or guidance counselor can give invaluable advice concerning the best methods for obtaining a summer job.

Branching out into the international community may also be an option for a summer job search. When looking for work internationally, one should be sure to carefully research reputable businesses that offer jobs overseas. Ask around to find out if the company being researched has a good reputation, treats its employees fairly, and will help with travel and living expenses.



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