How Do I Choose the Best International Business Internships?

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There are resources on the Internet dedicated to assisting students in the process of finding the best international business internships. Governments may sponsor these informative websites, or companies and businesses might extend some types of workshops or programs. Attending a seminar or reviewing educational material on the types of international business internships available can help. Seminars offer information ranging from the places in which your country partners with for intern programs to the industries in which such opportunities exist.

A government-sponsored nonprofit organization might host seminars about where and when international business internships can be found. Many internships are offered over the summer months, in which case, attending a session would make sense during the fall or summer semesters. The result of attending could include being grouped in a placement program that links you to the international business internships that are appropriate based on your major, interests, and other factors.

Internships that are offered overseas might require five-day work weeks or less. Even if the internships are unpaid, there may be some type of stipend offered to help a student with travel costs or to buy food. Whether or not internships are paid depends on the company offering the work. You will probably be asked to fill out an application and possibly conduct some type of interview over the phone before securing an internship.


International business internships extend to multiple industries including accounting, teaching, and finance and economics. Students who are interested in obtaining a public sector job might be able to find one overseas and learn about other nations' governments. Opportunities also emerge in the heath care industry, technology, and international journalism. How for you'll need to travel to participate in an international internship depends on the region where you live, but programs are offered around the world including the Washington D.C. in the U.S.; Barcelona, Spain; and London, England; among other places.

Certain international business internships will be more accommodating than others. For instance, you can find programs that will include housing and meals for students. You may need to be enrolled in a college or university to be eligible. Upon being accepted, the internship could last an entire summer or for a number of weeks. Students have historically been granted opportunities to participate in internships in the cities where the Olympics are being held, and this could present a unique opportunity every two years in summer and winter months.



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