What is a Job Placement Program?

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A job placement program can refer to one or more organizations that are used to find jobs for various groups of people. There are some which offer services to the general population to allow them to apply for work in a general manner. This means that the applications are sent into a database and the candidates are called if a job becomes available that fits his or her qualifications. There are also placement programs designed to train and find jobs for the mentally or physically disabled.

The sole purpose of a job placement program is to find employment for individuals who are having trouble finding an employer on their own. These can come in two main forms. The first is a staffing agency which finds temporary jobs, usually requiring manual labor or temporary work, for unskilled workers. Jobs may last one day or several months. Other programs help place trained or untrained professionals in permanent work positions with companies looking to hire.


Both forms of job placement program systems require that job searchers fill out an application on site. When a job becomes available that meets a certain person's skills, he or she will be contacted for an interview. Sometimes the person is then employed directly by the placement agency, and other times a fee is paid by the employer and the worker goes and works for the hiring company. Sometimes schools work with potential employers to provide job placement services for students. This may come in the form of an internship in which a student works for a certain company while still in school in the hopes of being hired after graduation, or employers may simply scout for new talent.

Another type of job placement program helps to find jobs for the mentally or physically disabled. Oftentimes, workers at these agencies learn to do the jobs themselves first and then train potential workers to do them. Job candidates are matched with jobs based on their personal skills and level of understanding. This allows them to have greater independence and satisfaction with their lives. Sometimes these agencies will also help with other aspects of assisting disable individuals, such as housing and transportation.

Other programs are designed specifically for college graduates who are looking for high salaried jobs. These businesses often charge a fee in exchange for a job search. Sometimes nothing is owed until a job match has been found and the person is hired. Potential job candidates may have to meet certain criteria before being allowed to fill out an application.



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@raynbow- If there are job fairs in your local area, these are great events to find job placement programs. Organizations that are hiring or helping potential employees find jobs often participate in these types of events. In addition, there will be many companies on hand that are looking to fill positions.

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@raynbow- You should check with your local department of human services. This agency often has ideas for people who are looking for job placement programs. You can also look online and in your local newspaper.

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Does anyone know how to find a job placement program from sources other than from a staffing agency? I'm trying to help my nephew locate a job when he returns from college, and there are no staffing agencies in my area.

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