How do I Create an Effective Workout Schedule?

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It is important to create an effective workout schedule if you want to stick to it, and meet your fitness goals. A workout schedule that is inconvenient will simply give you more excuses to skip exercising, whereas a good workout plan will have the opposite effect. Take a few minutes to plan your schedule for the week or month; you can modify it as needed, but you should do your best to stick to the schedule and create a daily habit.

First, consider what type of person you are. For instance, are you more of a morning person, enjoy getting up early, and have most of your energy in the early in the day? Morning people tend to be tired and unmotivated by the evening. People who prefer the nighttime, however, may have more energy after work, and may be more inclined to stay up later and function on less sleep. Others may get to take a long break in the afternoon, and may have a lot of energy at that time.


Considering when you have the most energy is a great first step because it tells you when you will be best able to work out, and when you will get the most out of your exercises. Next, consider your schedule. Do not just consider your work schedule, but think of everything else you need to do during the week, such as grocery shopping, cleaning, visits with friends, and attending school events, just to name a few. It will be necessary to work exercise in around all of these events.

Many people find that creating an effective workout schedule is helped by writing it down. Physically penciling in a workout into a daily routine is a great way to actually make it happen, and to be sure that something else does not come up and derail your plans. Once you have determined the time and day, consider the type of exercise and workout schedule you want to create.

For example, most people try to vary their exercise routines throughout the week. You might choose to do aerobic and stretching activities three days per week, and strength training activities two days per week. Some days you might exercise on your own, while other days you might exercise with a friend, or take a class at the gym. Considering all these points will help you to create an effective workout schedule that you can stick to and get in good physical shape.



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