How do I get Rid of Ab Flab?

For many people, abdominal, or ab, flab is very easy to put on but very difficult to eliminate. Flab in this area is a frequent source of dissatisfaction for men and women, regardless of their level of satisfaction with other parts of their bodies. If you want to get rid of flab that had gathered around your middle, there are two effective ways to do it: diet and exercise. Alternatively, you may also consider surgical options for getting rid of fat and contouring this area, but diet and exercise are typically safer and far less expensive.

Changing your diet is a smart step when your goal is getting rid of ab flab. Reducing your calorie intake on a daily basis may help you lose weight and begin losing your ab flab. Many people find dieting difficult, but opting for smaller portions at meals can be an easy way to shed pounds. Likewise, cutting back on the number of sugary drinks you consume daily may help. In general, eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet that is rich in nutrients and fiber may help you shed extra pounds and get rid of some of the fat around your middle.


Participating in aerobic exercises several days per week may also help you get rid of ab flab. When you do aerobic exercise, you burn calories and strengthen your heart at the same time. As such, this type of exercise may help you obtain not only a slimmer abdominal region, but also improved overall health. You may consider taking an aerobics or kickboxing class to burn calories, but walking, running, and swimming count, too. You may even burn significant calories by dancing around your living room.

Many experts also recommend weight training for those who want to get rid of ab flab. Working out with weights two to three days per week may help you replace fat with muscle and enjoy a more toned physique. As an added bonus, muscle typically burns more calories than fat does, even when you aren't being physically active at the moment. Often, experts recommend targeting all of the muscle groups with these workouts and skipping a day in between working a particular group of muscles.

You may also consider liposuction as a surgical option for getting rid of ab flab. For this procedure, a surgeon sucks excess deposits of fat out of the body. The procedure can be expensive, however, and there are risks involved.



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