How do I Stick to Daily Workouts?

Sticking with your daily workouts is not always an easy task. Hectic schedules, unanticipated demands, and even boredom are all reasons why someone might find it difficult to maintain a routine. Daily workouts are easier to stick to if a regular schedule is established, a method of accountability is employed, a personal trainer or friends are available to provide encouragement, and the exercises are varied.

Establishing a routine exercise schedule is critical. You should set a regular time for exercising just as if it were a job or a doctor's appointment. For example, most beginners start by working out at least three times a week and then gradually work up to five or six days a week. Determine which days you will work out each week and at what time.

A second method for sticking to daily workouts is to hold yourself accountable. Keep a workout diary or log where you write down your exercise activity and compare it to your established schedule. Another method of promoting accountability is to sign up for an online fitness site that helps you keep track of your daily workouts.

Boredom easily seeps in with a workout routine that isn't varied. Consider alternating cardiovascular activities such as running, cross country skiing, and brisk walking with an aerobics class. Incorporate weight lifting every other day in addition to trying new activities such as spinning or indoor rock climbing.


Some individuals find that daily workouts are easier to stick to with the assistance of a personal trainer or friends. Working out alone is difficult to maintain long term and external sources of motivation are sometimes necessary. Exercising with friends or others in a gym setting provides social interaction and the opportunity to share workout tips. A personal trainer provides continuous motivation and direction when your own might start to wane.

Often, the same type of workout eventually becomes cumbersome. If you normally go to the gym, try going on a hike or outdoor run one to two days per week. Make sure that your exercise routine doesn't get stuck at the same level or filled with the same type of activities. Once you reach a certain fitness level, try increasing the intensity or length of the workout.

Make sticking to your daily workouts fun by creating several music mixes that feature uplifting or motivational lyrics and instrumentation. A self-reward system is another method of making continuous workout progress fun. For example, once you reach a milestone of running three miles, purchase a new article of clothing or treat yourself to a movie.

The most important factor in sticking to daily workouts is consistency. Maintaining a workout schedule is key. Once this is incorporated into the rest of your daily routine, working out becomes a part of your lifestyle rather than a chore.



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