What are Different Types of Home Workouts for Women?

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Home workouts for women are a great way to squeeze exercise into a busy, hectic day. When time factors make getting to a gym impossible, home workouts for women can help maintain and improve fitness level. Most home workouts for women require only basic equipment and can be customized to suit the exercise likes and dislikes of practically any woman.

One of the basic tools needed for home workouts for women is an exercise mat, also called a yoga mat. These flexible rubber mats are easy to roll up and store, but provide an even, non-slip surface for a variety of workouts. Be sure to keep mat clean by spritzing with mat cleaner or rubbing with alcohol wipes after each session. Exercise mats can even help workouts on a mental level, as the brain begins to associate rolling out the mat with a special time to focus on fitness.


Some home workouts for women use videos that can be watched on the television or online. Watchable workout routines come in hundreds of varieties, from Pilates to boot camp weight training, and can be switched out on a daily or weekly basis for maximum variety. For those who have always wanted to learn to salsa or strip but are afraid to take public classes, pick up a dance workout video that teaches steps along with providing fitness training. Hang a “do not disturb” sign on the workout room to prevent family spectators or distractions.

Home workouts for women are a great way to get strength training sessions in on a daily basis. Basic equipment includes two sets of hand weights: one that feels light and one that feels heavy. Other good strength training equipment may include resistance bands, stability balls or pods, and weighted medicine balls. Some of the best strength training exercises are easy to do at home and require no equipment at all. For example, one of the best thigh-toning exercises is to simply stand in a squat position for as long as possible with back flat against the wall and arms extended.

Women tend to have different fat-storing areas than men, and many home workouts for women target these areas. In general, women store more fat on the upper arms, hips, and thighs, so be certain to incorporate extra training to tone these areas. One of the best types of home workouts for women is yoga. Not only can yoga increase flexibility and help with stress relief, it is also extremely effective for muscle-toning when done correctly and may even burn more fat than high-impact exercises that burn mostly carbohydrates.



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