How do I Choose the Best Strength Training Exercises?

Health and fitness activities are a great way to stay in shape and feel young. Most doctors recommend a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and physical fitness routines. Strength training exercises are a form physical fitness designed to increase power and performance. There are many strength training programs available today. Each program varies in intensity, which makes them a good training regimen for any individual wanting to become stronger and feel more energized throughout the day.

A strength training program should include an even distribution of exercises focusing on the entire body. When building strength, it is important to start the program with core-building exercises. Internal strength and power comes from the center trunk area of the body. By building a strong core, the athlete can generate more power and force on secondary muscle groups

Core exercise routines typically include compound weight movements. These exercises work large muscle groups, which require multiple joints to complete the lift. Most strength training exercises require more energy to perform, which generates additional long-term strength and power.

Some good strength building exercises include the military press, squats, push-ups, lunges, and clean and jerks. These exercises focus on the center area of the body, which is above the knees and below the shoulders. Building strong quadriceps, abdominal, chest, and back muscles helps an individual with overall strength. This type of training will build the foundation for future muscle development.


Once the core development is complete, smaller muscles groups should be added into the strength training regiment. These include biceps, triceps, shoulders, wrist, and calves. These additional exercises will create a full body development program that can increase strength, power, and dexterity.

It is a good idea to change the exercise routine on six-week intervals. During these cycle changes the athlete should add small and large muscle groups to the routine. As the individual begins to mature with his strength training exercises he will need to modify the routine to stimulate additional muscle and strength growth.

Strength training exercises do not require dumbbells or expensive gym memberships. Body-weight strength training is an excellent method of gaining power and strength. Some good body-weight exercise includes crunches, pushups, pull-ups, free squats, and jumping lunges.

Cardio exercises should also be included in strength training exercises. These exercises should be added to the program as supplemental routines a few days per week. By adding a regimen of speed and endurance training to the routine an individual will adapt his body to the new-found power, which helps with overall coordination and balance.



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