What are Some Home Workouts?

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When people think of getting into shape, they often consider going to a gym. This is not always necessary. There are numerous home workouts that can produce impressive results. These include Pilates, home gyms, and exercise ball workouts.

Pilates is a well known physical fitness system designed by a gymnast named Joseph Pilates. Many people associate these exercises with specialized studios or group sessions. Pilates, however, can be done at home.

Although there are exercises that were developed to be done with certain pieces of large equipment, these are not necessary. A large portion of Pilates is simply mat exercises. There are some other exercises that only require small, inexpensive equipment.

Tae Bo® is another of the home workouts created by a professional. Billy Blanks, a martial artist, developed this whole body fitness system by combining tae kwon do with dancing techniques. Numerous celebrities have claimed to benefit from this fitness system. Individuals can attempt to achieve the same results by using any of the available videos to guide them in mastering these exercises at home.

It is not necessary, however, to choose home workouts created by celebrities or endorsed by them. It is also not necessary to choose home workouts that may be trendy at any given time. In some instances, a person may find the best exercise plan is one she has customized to fit her needs.


Many people enjoy the versatility of home workouts that utilize exercise balls. In some cases, the purchase of an exercise ball will include a workout video or exercise booklet. Some people are surprised at the number of exercises that can be done with this simple piece of equipment and the different areas of the body that can be targeted.

People with the space and finances may choose to purchase a home gym. In many cases, these machines are designed to provide a complete workout. How that is achieved will depend on the model of home gym a person chooses. It is not always necessary to purchase a large home gym to get a complete home workout.

There are numerous inexpensive exercise kits available that can be used to provide good home workouts. Many of these contain items such as jump ropes, abdominal wheels, and resistance bands. Some of these kits come with instructional videos. Others, however, only outline suggested exercises, which allow the user to develop a workout that suits her.

A person interested in a home exercise may also want to consider a stepping workout. Such workouts generally involve an adjustable height stepping block and a video. These items are not absolutely necessary. Basic stepping exercises can be learned and a stepping block can be substituted by stairs in the home.



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