What are the Different Types of Walking Workouts?

Walking for weight loss is a very popular exercise that is easy on the joints. A low impact exercise, daily walking can help increase one's physical fitness, maintain a healthy weight, and stimulate other helpful benefits. Many different kinds of walking workouts are available for those who choose this type of fitness activity, including distance walking, indoor and outdoor walking, and other types of walking.

Outdoor walking is an exercise for those who have access to a nearby park, track, or other walker-friendly area. Outdoor walking workouts can also be accomplished in one's neighborhood. In addition to the benefits of walking, outdoor walking also supplies a healthy dose of fresh air, and a change of scenery. Indoor walking, such as at an indoor track or gym, is a convenient alternative for those who cannot walk outside for any reason, or for walking during inclement weather.

Distance walking, or endurance walking, may be preferred by those who prefer to work on their body endurance for long distances, such as a long race for charity. Distance walkers often walk for many miles each week. Distance walkers must pace themselves for their lengthy journeys. Speed walking focuses instead on moving the body very quickly, usually for much shorter distances.

A health maintenance walk can be done for 30 minutes daily to ensure a healthy weight and fitness level. To control weight or burn off fat, this amount of time can be increased to 45 to 60 minutes daily. Weight control walking should be executed at a slightly faster pace to ensure that calories are burned, though beginners should start out slowly.

For heart health, an aerobic walk can be implemented on an every other day basis. This is a brisk walk consisting of 20 to 60 minutes of engagement. Alternate the aerobic walk with the health maintenance walk for optimal heart health. Some walkers enjoy the economy walk, or walking as quickly as possible for thirty seconds, followed by an interval of slow walking.

Types of walking are not limited to methods developed by trainers. Casual walking workouts can be done at home or at work through numerous creative means. Whether it's through walking the dog, walking to work, or to a venue for lunch, pacing while on the phone, briskly stepping while cleaning house, or walking in place while watching television, walking workouts can be implemented into nearly every lifestyle.

Many walkers choose to vary these walking workouts to obtain maximum benefits as well as a variety in their workout. Prior to beginning a walking workout, it is usually advisable to stretch the body to minimize possible strain or injuries. Stretching, or a slower pace, is also recommended to end walking workouts. Several experts agree that dividing up walking time into multiple walks still provides the healthful benefits of a lengthy walking workout.


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