How do I Make Sure I get Good Workouts?

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While most people know that a workout routine is important to overall health, no one wants to waste time doing an ineffective, or even potentially hazardous, workout. In order to get good workouts, it is important to create an effective, realistic routine that is performed safely. Some of the keys to getting a good workout include paying attention to form and vitals, creating reasonable goals, and including variety.

Just about any person can pick up a dumbbell and do a bicep curl, but a smart exerciser knows that form, pace, and proper weight levels make the difference between good workouts and wasted energy. In order to learn the proper form for strength training and weight lifting, consider scheduling an introductory training session at a local gym. These may be offered free, or on a pay-per-use version. In an introductory session, a personal trainer can help assess a person's fitness and goals to help them determine which exercises to do, how often to work out, and how to correctly perform each move. While some people may sign up for multiple training meetings, even one basic session can go a long way to ensuring good workouts in the future.


Some people work out to lose weight, others do it to relieve stress, and still more use workouts to maintain general health. Whatever the reason, setting realistic goals for workouts can help provide motivation and stave off boredom and laziness. A workout goal could be to lose ten pounds by July, be able to do 100 crunches, or even to get in good enough shape to run a half-marathon in a year. It is important to make sure that goals are reasonable and realistic; a person who has never worked out before may be unable to run a marathon next month. Setting smaller goals can help make workouts a personal competition to match and surpass previous goals. Feeling motivated by meeting a goal can help turn boring, endless exercise sessions into extremely good workouts.

Getting on the treadmill for exactly 30 minutes, listening to exactly the same workout music, and walking at exactly the same speed every time is a recipe for boredom. Good workouts may be tough, but they can also be enjoyable and fun if variety is included. Taking a dance class, rowing a canoe, running up a park trail, and swimming laps are all perfectly acceptable substitutions for gym-based workout. Using exercise time as a chance to learn new skills and meet new friends is a great way to ensure a consistent workout schedule, which in turn makes it easier to stick with a program. Moreover, adding variety also can help improve strength and fitness by working different muscle groups through different types of exercise.



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