How do I Choose the Best Workout Planner?

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Whether you work out by doing aerobics, lifting weights or running outdoors, a workout planner can help you organize and track all of these activities and more. The best workout planner will allow you to track all of your personal fitness goals and organize them in a format that is easy to follow. It makes sense that recording your activities and calorie intake will help you reach your goals faster. It provides a clear record of what you have accomplished and what you still need to accomplish.

First consider the workout planner format that appeals to you. You might prefer a hand-written journal, a cell phone application or an online planner. Also consider whether you want to pay for a workout planner or want one that is free. A fee often is required by websites that offer exercise routines, exercise videos and workout schedules, with the amount of the fee based on difficulty level and workout frequency.

A workout planner can be highly detailed or simply a schedule of workout times and your goals. If you already have a good fitness plan, a detailed workout schedule might best suit your needs. Other workout planners can help you get started from scratch by assessing your current fitness level, how much exercise you currently are getting and how much you need. Some online workout planners even have libraries of exercises that you can use to build customized sessions.


Workout planners can help both the novice and the experienced fitness enthusiast. If you are experienced, a workout planner can be used to track and schedule all of your activities. If you are just starting, try a planner that includes questions about your fitness goals or how to stay motivated and how to stick with a plan.

It is important to understand what motivates you and what kind of exercise you enjoy and are most likely to stick with. Motivations for working out can include improving overall health, losing weight, having more energy or just feeling better and releasing stress. A workout planner also can help you uncover potential barriers to a fitness plan, such as a lack of time.

Use your planner to note the things that might prevent you from reaching your goals. You might be able to cut down on time spent watching television or surfing the Internet, for example. Also make sure to clearly state your fitness goals such as learning a new sport or trying a new exercise class. Clear goals will help keep you motivated and on track.

Finally, a planner also can be used to keep track of your diet. This includes the planning of meals and the documenting of the amount of calories you consume. Some planners even include a chart for how much activity you will need to do to burn off a certain amount of calories.



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