How do I Choose the Best Event Planner Business?

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When faced with managing an important event, many companies and individuals will seek out event planners to handle all the arrangements. Because there are so many different types of events, it is sometimes tricky to know how to choose the best event planner business for a given occasion. The process of choosing the right planner is based on successfully assessing the experience, quality, and cost of each event planner under consideration.

Experience is of paramount importance when evaluating any event planner business. While there are a number of competent planners found in cities and towns of any size, many specialize in particular types of events. This means you must determine which planners in your area are more likely to be at ease with the event you have in mind.

For example, you would not want to go with an event planner business that specialized in planning retirement parties or wedding receptions if you were holding a business convention. Instead, you would want to focus your attention on the bank of available corporate event planners. In like manner, a sports event planner would likely be of limited use in arranging a nationwide industry conference, complete with exhibitions. Focus your attention on planners that have a proven track record with the type of event you need.


Once you narrow your search to include only those planners who specialize in the type of event you have in mind, evaluate the relative merits of each event planner business on your list. This means collecting references and following up on them. You will want to know how past customers perceived the quality of service they received, as well as how easy it was to work with the planner. Taking the time to investigate the past performance of each special events planner on your list will allow you to avoid wasting time on any business that is likely to cause more problems than it resolves.

Last, there is the matter of price. As with many types of services, event planning businesses tend to be very competitive. You may find that each event planner on your now short list offers something at a lower cost than a competitor. Assuming that each event planner business remaining on your list has attributes of quality and experience that you want, look at the bottom line cost of each quoted price received from the planners. Make sure that there are no hidden costs that will inflate the price later, and that the proposal covers everything associated with the event before you make any type of commitment.

Often, you can use a local or an online event planner directory to find planners in your area that are likely candidates for your project. Once you have a qualified list of candidates, find out all you can about each one before you make contacts. This will save a lot of time on the front end, help you draft the right questions to ask, and finally allow you to focus your attention on candidates that are highly likely to make your event a success.



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