How do I Become a Professional Event Planner?

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Many people decide to host or sponsor events, but much more is required to turn those visions into realities. Event planning is an industry that can generate huge annual revenues. It is also an industry that can demand a lot of a person. If you want to become a professional event planner, you need to develop the necessary skills, get experience, and formulate a plan for your career.

You should begin with an understanding that event planning involves a lot of work. The job can include lunch meetings, hours flipping through catalogs, and visits with designers. A large portion of your duties, however, are not likely to be so glamorous.

If you want to become a professional event planner, you should expect to be active. There are many duties that will require you to be on your feet. You are also likely to find many occasions that require you to help other people do their jobs, which can involve physical labor.

It will be extremely difficult for you to succeed in this profession if you are not organized. When you become a professional event planner, you will have to deal with multiple issues simultaneously. This will require you to work under pressure.


Two of the most important factors of your success will be outstanding social and communication skills. If you become a professional event planner, you will deal with a variety of clients. Some will be demanding while others may be confused or indecisive.

While you must balance the relationship with your clients, you must also realize that many of the duties required for a successful event will be performed by others. To become a professional event planner generally involves becoming a manager of many people who you may not have direct authority over. You will have to develop strategies to deal with these situations.

To have a successful career, you are likely to need experience. There are many classes and degrees geared toward people who want to work in the hospitality and event planning industries. You may find these beneficial. You should not, however, expect classroom education to suffice for on-the-job training.

It is best to work in the industry before you assume full responsibilities by declaring yourself a professional. Event planning can require you to deal with a chef, an audio-visual technician, and a construction worker within minutes. As a professional, you should have a certain degree of knowledge about all of their jobs. Experience will allow you the opportunity to learn these things. It can also be the best tool to prevent you from making mistakes that could damage your credibility.

When you decide to become a professional event planner, you should also decide whether you want to be an employee or a boss. If you want to work for someone else, an impressive resume can help you to get the position. Without experience, you may have to settle for a lower position and work your way up. A great alternative is to become an assistant to another event planner so you can be exposed to various aspects of the business.

There is typically a great deal of opportunity for people to have their own event planning businesses. If you decide you will work on your own, you should not be too hasty to get started. Instead, invest time in preparation before you begin operating.

First, you should network and develop contacts. This will give people the opportunity to get acquainted with you while you get acquainted with the standard of their services. Second, you should do market research to establish niches that can give you an identity and reveal prices that can make you competitive. Third, develop a marketing strategy. If you become a professional event planner but no one knows that your business exists, it is not likely to be successful.



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