What are the Different Meeting Planner Jobs?

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There are many types of event and meeting planner jobs available for individuals who enjoy working with the public, are organized and can manage multiple events held in different locations. Professionals who work in meeting planner jobs, also sometimes referred to as event planners or convention managers, handle arrangements that make meetings and events successful. Meeting planner jobs are gaining in popularity among companies trying to maximize opportunities to take advantage of seminars, conventions and industry meetings by using the services of an event planning company or internal corporate event planner.

Meeting planner jobs often include researching, visiting and securing physical locations where meetings can be held. The job of the meeting planner is to contact appropriate vendors to obtain a meeting space that can be rented or borrowed for a certain purpose on a particular meeting day and time. Then it is the job of the meeting planner to organize and handle all the needs for the meeting – everything from confirming the head count for attendees to providing the food, beverages, speakers, entertainment and equipment needed to make the meeting a success.


Event planners work on somewhat of a larger scale and manage the affairs for events that include many people. They decide which venue works best for a specific type of event, secure contracts with the owners of the venue and then handle all the details of the event. The event planner works closely with the client who must provide an accurate guest list, so that the event planner can prepare speaking and seating arrangements, secure food, beverage and entertainment for the event well in advance to make sure it goes off without any problems. On the day of the event, the event manager is onsite to coordinate others and handle any problems that may arise.

Convention planners and corporate event managers work on a very large scale and often work in teams. Since a convention or corporate meeting includes a very large amount of participants coming from different regions, the convention planner may be required to travel to different venues or have special equipment and other needs shipped in. The convention or corporate meeting is the most challenging of events to manage; however the most successful convention or corporate event planners work out the details well in advance.

Meeting planning jobs, corporate events and convention management are becoming more plentiful. Many companies can use the services of a skilled meeting or event planner to handle even the smallest meetings or events. There are also many independent event and meeting planner jobs and business opportunities such as wedding or vacation planners, catering managers or entertainment provider careers available.



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