How do I Choose the Best Event Planner Courses?

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There are many kinds of event planner courses available online and at higher learning institutions, offering something to fit everyone’s schedules and goals. The trick is discovering which courses are right for you. The best event planner courses are the ones that most closely align with your needs and desires, while offering a high-quality education.

Before you choose which event planner course to take, you have make some decisions about yourself. You already know you want to be an event planner. Now, you have to decide what kind of event planner you want to be. Do you want to take courses specializing in certain events, like weddings or parties, or get a more well-rounded education?

You can take event planner courses as distance-learning classes or take actual courses at a learning institution. Additionally, you can purchase a learning packet. Look at your schedule and availability to decide which type of course is right for you. If you need flexibility, you may want to take an independent learning course. Take actual courses if you crave one-on-one instruction and want to learn from peers.


Judge courses for quality. If it’s a distance learning class you’re interested in, does the company or school assign you to a personal tutor? Are there any tests or assessments you must complete? If so, how do take them? Be sure to look at the price of any event planner courses and note if any financial aid is available and if the price includes all the materials you’ll need. See if you’ll receive handbooks, study guides or any other relevant material with the courses.

Look through event planner courses’ curriculum to see what is being taught. Some curriculums cover event planning topics such as budgeting, creating guest lists, hiring vendors, obtaining permits, building clientele, marketing and general communication and organizational skills. Some courses are purely focused on event planning basics while other classes delve into topics like how to start a small business. See what you get for completing the courses. Do you get a certificate or college credit?

Find out about the instructors. They should have some background and have established themselves in event planning. Talk to people who’ve taken the courses to hear their opinions. Sometimes alumna provide the best insights. Once you’ve honestly answered some questions about the type of training you’re looking for, you can easily find the best event planner courses for you.



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A lot of people going into the event planning business don't realize that having liability insurance is a must. For example, if you put on an event and someone gets hurt, who is going to pay? As the event planner, you may run the risk of being sued. For this reason, if you want an event planner job, you should first take a course in protecting your business that addresses insurance and liability issues.

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If you want to become an event planner, it is also a good idea to take courses on specific events that you may want to plan. This is especially helpful for events that are more difficult to plan.

Air shows, concerts, festivals, and weddings are all events that people love. They are also very detailed and time-consuming to plan. As an event planner, you will want to make sure that you cover all of your bases when scheduling these types of events. That is why taking courses about them will benefit your knowledge base and career.

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