How do I Choose the Best Free Event Planner?

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When you are planning an event that is not expected to generate any type of revenue, it is important to choose the right free event planner. You will need someone who is well-versed in the general purpose of the event, and can handle all sorts of details related to the setup, function, and cleanup after your event. In order to find the right planner, it is important to look closely at the expertise, cost, and general reputation of any free event planner you consider.

While it may seem obvious, many people do not think in terms of selecting a free event planner who has experience with the type of event that is to be held. The general line of thought is that any event planner can structure and execute any type of event with equal success. That is not the case. Many event planners specialize in certain types of events, and have developed processes that are tailored specifically to meet the special circumstances surround a particular type of event. For this reason, you do not want to hire a sports event planner if the idea is to arrange an event such as a learning conference.


Spending some time looking into the general reputation of any free event planner you consider is essential to your project. You want a planner that stands by his or her work, delivers on time, and is well-known for being ethical, professional, and thorough with the details related to the event. This means looking beyond the first impression that you get when meeting with the planner initially, and making sure that the good feelings you got at that interview are backed up with real life experiences with other customers. If you hear consistent complaints as you confer with past customers of the planner, take that as a sign to look for someone else to manage your event.

Another important consideration when selecting a free event planner is the cost associated with the planning and successful execution of the event. Of course, you will want to get the best deal possible, so you can stay within your budget. Be wary of going for the lowest bid you receive, however, unless the reputation and expertise of the planner with the low bid is equal to that of the planners who submitted higher bids. While price is important, it should not be your guide with this type of project. Go for quality as well as price, and your event will be a success without creating any undue financial hardship for you or your company.



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