What is a Party Event Planner?

A party event planner is a professional who is hired to oversee all aspects of event planning and coordination. A party event planner is typically a self-employed individual who is hired on a per-party basis. However, there are also event planning companies, such as those that plan weddings, which hire event planners in addition to a broader staff that also includes designers, caterers, and administrative coordinators. A party event planner handles a different range of responsibilities depending on the event, whether it be a corporate function, anniversary party, or wedding.

Planning a corporate function often involves a significant amount of time and attention for which a company may not have in-house resources; therefore, many companies turn to event planners. In the initial stages of planning a corporate function, the event planner will gather the most general details surrounding the event from the company, including the purpose, estimated number of invitations, time of year, and preferred venue of the event. Before making any booking arrangements, the party event planner will also gather as much information as possible concerning what the company plans to do within the event venue, whether it be a business presentation, auction, dinner and dance, etc. That way, the planner knows what to look for in terms of space and electrical requirements when he or she inspects potential venues.


Hiring a party event planner for a birthday, anniversary or other personal celebration has traditionally been seen as a luxury for only the wealthy. However, in recent years, planners in this capacity have become more affordable to meet the varying budget requirements of personal events. As with a corporate event, the party event planner will initially need to determine such details as the estimated number of invites, time of year, and preferred venue of the event. Unlike a corporate event, however, a birthday or anniversary may require more attention to the individual requirements of the attendees to ensure their enjoyment of the event, such as dietary considerations, decorations, and comfort of the venue.

As weddings have become increasingly elaborate events in recent years, the demand for wedding planners has also increased. Unlike most corporate events and other types of parties, weddings often involve one or more changes in venue, which can present additional coordination considerations. The average party event planner hired to oversee a wedding will likely need to book at least two venues: one for the wedding ceremony, and another for the wedding reception. He or she will also need to outsource other professionals, such as a ceremony officiant, photographer, caterer, bartender, DJ or band, and driver.



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