What are the Different Types of Event Planner Careers?

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Event planners are people who offer professional services in the coordination and planning of special or important events and functions. The events for which they plan vary, but can include functions that are both personal- and business-oriented. To further explore the many event planner careers, one must first fully understand what an event planner does.

It is the job of an event planner to plan and direct an event’s production. This can include hiring contractors such as caterers and decorators, as well as helping the host of the event choose a venue and decide on small details like napkins and invitations. An event planner may also be involved in the budgeting of an event, and will generally know a network of contractors within multiple price ranges for the host to choose from. Hiring an event planner takes the stress of planning a function off the host, so he can enjoy the day instead of trying to make sure things are running smoothly.

One of the most well-known event planner careers is the wedding planner. This person works side by side with the bride and groom and the family members who are helping to pay for the wedding. She works with them to decide on a theme, invitations, seating arrangements and flowers. She should also be knowledgeable of the procession in which the wedding party goes down the aisle, and should coordinate the rehearsal so that everyone is in his or her proper place.


Most wedding planners do not need any specialized training or schooling. The main criteria for this career field is a good eye for detail and a love for working with people. It is also important that a wedding planner be able to withstand stressful work environments and demanding clients, as brides can be testy when it comes to their weddings. However since weddings are such joyous occasions, this can be one of the most rewarding event planner careers.

Another of the most common event planner careers is that of the corporate planner. This person coordinates events dealing with large businesses and corporations. Events can include parties, fundraisers, and business networking functions. Corporate planners are similar to wedding planners in that they also must hire and direct contractors to meet the needs of the host, but they differ in that corporate events serve a specific purpose: like raising money or gaining new clients. Therefore, a corporate event planner must know proper business etiquette for these gatherings, as well as appropriate menu options and décor.

In some instances a corporate event planner will be an employee of the company hosting the event. This may require some kind of formal education, but requirements vary depending on the company. Self employed corporate planners need only the desire to succeed and a willingness to market their services, along with a bit of creativity and attention to detail.

Other event planner careers may involve the planning of children’s’ birthday parties, anniversary parties, or holiday parties. Many event planners do not specialize in one type of event, and choose to plan various kinds of functions for several different clients. This allows the planner to be more creative in her work, while meeting people from all walks of life.



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