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What Should I Look for in Storage Sheds?

D Frank
D Frank

Storage sheds come in a variety of makes, models and sizes. Typically, sheds are made of wood, hard plastic, or metal. When deciding which type of model is right for you, you should determine the shed size you desire, the cost of the materials or kit, and decide if this will be something you will build yourself or hire a contractor to construct.

Small Rubbermaid snap-together sheds are now available to the consumer. These models are made of durable hard plastic and require virtually no screws, nails or tools to install. The consumer can snap together a number of plastic parts and a freestanding shed can be constructed in a matter of minutes.

Storage sheds come in a variety of models and sizes.
Storage sheds come in a variety of models and sizes.

If you are handy and would like to build your own storage shed, wood may be the best material for you. Kits are readily available at most major hardware superstores. Your kit purchase will supply you with every two-by-four, outdoor paneling and waferboard pieces you will need. After you frame the shed using the two by fours, you can add the paneled sides, doors, and roof to complete your project.

For those that prefer metal sheds, you should be able to put together your shed in a reasonable time, though you will certainly need a battery drill or a screwdriver to complete the job correctly.

Which shed model is right for you will come down to a matter of choice and often budget. While plastic and metal sheds can be constructed quicker than wooden sheds, they lack the so-called "curb appeal" of wooden sheds. With a wooden shed, the owner can always give it a coat of paint or change the shed's colors to give it a different look. This is not the case with a plastic-based or metal shed.

A consumer looking to purchase a shed should also determine what type of shelving or storage system, if any, comes with the shed. Organizing one's garden tools, bikes, outdoor toys, lawnmowers and other similar items is no small task. The owner should also look into the various materials (concrete blocks, cement, brick pavers, stone) available to use for the shed floor, and make certain that locks are installed on the shed doors to protect the goods housed in the shed.

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Metal sheds and Steel sheds can be more efficient and affordable and it can serve for long time.

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    • Storage sheds come in a variety of models and sizes.
      By: mparratt
      Storage sheds come in a variety of models and sizes.