What are the Different Kinds of Metal Sheds?

Dan Cavallari

Metal sheds can serve the same purposes as most wooden sheds, but they typically cost less and require less maintenance than wood sheds. The different styles of metal sheds mimic the same styles as wooden sheds in many cases, but they can also be custom built to serve a specific purpose. Aluminum or steel are common materials used for building metal sheds, so the shed ends up being fairly lightweight but durable. Depending on the size and shape of the structure, a metal shed can be an economical alternative to a wooden shed or other large structure.

Larger sheds need a concrete foundation.
Larger sheds need a concrete foundation.

One of the most common types of metal sheds is the gambrel shed, which is styled similarly to a barn. The roof has two pitches, which means storage space is maximized inside the shed above the user's head. While wooden sheds also use this style, gambrel metal sheds require less maintenance. A metal shed will not have to be repainted as often as a wooden shed will, and aluminum sheds are less prone to damage from moisture than both steel sheds and wooden sheds. Like a wooden shed, such metal sheds need to be framed; the framing of the shed can be made from aluminum or steel, or even wood, depending on how strong of a structure is needed.

Smaller storage sheds are commonly made from aluminum or steel. A garden shed where tools are kept can be a simple structure of only four walls and a roof; even smaller sheds that act as a confinement for garbage cans will have a similar style With such small structures, a floor may not be necessary; the bare ground will suffice. Larger structures are a bit more complex, as they will require both a solid foundation and strong framing materials. A concrete foundation or even a wooden one is necessary for some metal sheds that will hold heavy equipment, such as cars or trucks, or even heavy machinery.

A metal shed will often have a rolling door of some sort at its front to allow passage into and out of the structure. Such sheds can either be custom built or they can be purchased pre-fabricated, which means they have been designed and built before the purchase and they are simply delivered and put into place. Garden sheds are typically sold pre-fabricated. More elaborate sheds, such as driveway covers or workshop sheds, are usually custom designed and can be significantly more expensive to build.

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