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What is a Vinyl Shed?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

A vinyl shed is a type of storage building constructed out of vinyl materials. Unlike the similar wooden shed, a shed made of vinyl is usually portable. This kind of shed can be used to store garden items, bicycles, outdoor furniture, or used as a workshop. A vinyl shed can be very basic, a sort of "no frills" type storage unit, or a more elaborate country barn style shed. It may be dressed up with skylights, windows, window boxes, or extra shelving.

Often a practical choice for backyard storage, vinyl is long lasting, does not require painting, and will not rust, rot, or mildew. This type of shed will require very little maintenance, outside of the occasional hosing down. Some of these sheds also come with a protective coating that keep the color of the shed from fading in the sun. Unlike a wood shed, vinyl will not succumb to wood boring insects, such as carpenter ants or termites.


Some vinyl sheds also offer protection against extreme weather conditions. A shed may be guaranteed to stand up to 115 mph (185 kph) winds and stay intact under a snow load of up to 25 pounds per square foot (122 kg per square meter). Many vinyl sheds also offer high impact vinyl, which resists dents, and are fire retardant. A vinyl shed may also be available in many different sizes and shapes to meet a range of storage shed needs.

Placement of this type of shed is very important in order for it to function properly. A vinyl shed must be placed on a square, level spot, such as a cement area or a wood base, in order for it to fit together securely. These units are quite often built onto a concrete slab. Once a suitable location is selected, a vinyl shed can usually be assembled in less than a day. If the owner moves, it may be possible to take the vinyl shed apart and move it to another location, making it a bit more versatile than a traditional wood shed.

Backyard sheds are not just for storage, they are often designed to fit into, and compliment, landscape designs. It is not always easy to tell if a shed is vinyl or wood, until one gets close up, as these sheds are often built in similar styles and colors as are wood sheds. Although these sheds are often used for lawnmowers, gardening tools, and yard furniture, they can also function as work sheds for carpentry work, craftwork, or other types of work that is not practical to perform inside the home or garage.

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