What are the Different Types of Yard Barns?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Small animals, like goats, can be kept in yard barns.
Small animals, like goats, can be kept in yard barns.

Some types of yard barns are designed to be outdoor storage sheds. Others might be ideal for use as a guesthouse, home office, or children's playhouse. In some cases, these buildings may be useful as a home for small animals. Select models might have a carport or lean-to attached to them, which could be used for parking tractors, boats, or campers.

Many yard barns are intended to provide a place to store items, such as lawn equipment, tools, and gardening supplies. These models may have a wooden frame and floor with the exterior walls being wood, steel, or aluminum. There may be shelves on the inside of the building for placing boxes. Some taller sheds may have a loft that allows for storage as well.

More elaborate types can be used as a children's playhouse, extra guest bedroom, or even a home office. These yard barns may have windows, electricity, and running water, Some models may also have a covered porch, which can give the backyard shed the look of a tiny cottage.

People who have small animals such as dogs, sheep, or goats could find yard barns to be an ideal home for these creatures. Backyard sheds designed for this purpose might have wooden or dirt floors. Some may also have stalls marked off inside the structure for pets. These buildings should ideally have windows that can be propped open in order to keep animals cool and allow good air circulation.

Some yard barns may have a structure similar to a carport attached to one side. This type of addition can be used as a parking space for large equipment, like tractors, campers, or boats. The floor could be dirt, gravel, or concrete.

Still other outdoor sheds might have a lean-to attachment. This is basically an area that is an extension of the main roof and is open on three sides. Yard barns with these additions can be useful for people who would like to store firewood because it can provide easy access to it.

Yard barns come in many different sizes. A small barn could be around four feet (1.22 m) wide and eight feet (2.44 m) long. Larger sheds can be anywhere from 12 to 20 (3.66 to 6.1 m) long and wide.

Homeowners choose yard barns for a number of reasons. This means there are many different types available that suit a variety of purposes. People who are in the market for an outdoor shed should be able to find one that meets their needs, matches the decor of their home, and fits their budget rather easily.

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    • Small animals, like goats, can be kept in yard barns.
      By: Gerhard Seybert
      Small animals, like goats, can be kept in yard barns.