How Do I Choose the Best Cottage Playhouse?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Two young boys
Two young boys

Many kids enjoying playing inside their own miniature cottage home, but it can be difficult to know which one would be the best for your child. One of the first features to consider is the material from which it is made, because it should be safe, durable and appropriate for its environment. This may require you to decide before you buy it whether you will keep it indoors or outside. You also should think about the size of the cottage playhouse before making this decision, because you need to ensure that it will comfortably fit the available space at your home and also have enough room for your child. Of course, you should buy the kids' playhouse you think your child would most enjoy, taking into consideration the color, theme and any included features.

The typical cost of this kind of toy makes it important that you ensure it will last several years. The material from which it is made should be durable, because it should be able to withstand years of children leaning on it, running into it, and possibly climbing on it. At the same time, it needs to be safe for kids, which is why some of the most popular materials for the typical cottage playhouse tend to be tough yet smooth plastic or wood rather than metal or glass. Before you choose the best material, you should consider whether it will stay inside or outside, because a backyard cottage playhouse should typically be more resilient — and weather-resistant — than an indoor one.

When making this decision, you also should consider size. Think about where you will place the cottage playhouse and take the measurements of the available space. This way, you are unlikely to buy a structure that is too long, wide or tall for the space you have in mind. You have a wide variety of playhouses to choose from, and some feature two stories, large doors, or an outdoor deck with stairs, so you should not underestimate the space you will need. You also should be sure it has enough room for your child to fit inside with room to spare, so you don't need to buy a replacement as soon as your child has a growth spurt.

Another important detail to consider is how much your child will appreciate the cottage playhouse you choose. This type of toy comes in many colors and themes, so you may want to consider whether your child would most prefer one that centers on princesses, animals, pirates or something else entirely. If you prefer not to get a themed cottage playhouse — because your child's preferences may change in the next few years — then you may want to consider getting a brightly colored cottage or even one that's highly realistic. In addition, you may want to think about the available features, which may include a sandbox, swing or pretend telephone. Many also houses include a miniature kitchen, complete with pretend appliances, though you can also choose a more basic cottage playhouse that your child can fill with his or her own toys.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys