What Is a Garden Office?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

A garden office is an outdoor building used as an office, studio, or other work station. These buildings range from garden shed designs to elaborate outdoor rooms. Most garden offices consist of a fully enclosed room, complete with electricity, though some people may prefer more rustic buildings.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Each garden office differs according to its owner. Some garden sheds are modest, refurbished work sheds, while others can consist of multiple floors, complex lighting systems, and floor to ceiling windows. The shape of a garden office can range from a simple rectangular building, to circular, more artistic designs. Some may wrap around trees, or be near the home; some may even veer far away from the house itself, with a path or stepping stones leading to them.

Most outdoor offices contain a single room, sometimes with a closet to store supplies. Some, however, may consist of multiple rooms, especially if they serve as a retreat as well as an office. In this case, they may also include a relaxing room with a couch, yoga mat, or other items intended for relaxation. Some garden offices even resemble an entire miniature house, much like a child's playhouse might be, complete with multiple windows, a porch, and a shingled roof.

When purchasing a garden office, prefabricated buildings are typically chosen. Building kits are also available for homeowners to assemble on their own, which can reduce the cost of the overall building. Those who want a very specific, unique backyard office might instead hire someone to build it on site, or even build it themselves.

Having an office in a garden setting can provide a variety of benefits. People who work from home can escape the distractions found within the house, allowing them to concentrate once they retreat to the garden office. The design also often yields an aesthetically pleasing view, which can help inspire and motivate artists, writers, and other creatively inclined individuals. People who own small homes may also opt to use this type of space rather than building onto their existing homes, which can be more difficult to do.

People who suffer from heavy stress may opt to build a garden office in order to help reduce their mental strain. The sights and smell of nature may provide the peace and quiet they require in order to recuperate. Office gardens may also be helpful for those who prefer the outdoors, and who wish to do their business in a more natural setting.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, Sara has a Master’s Degree in English, which she puts to use writing for wiseGEEK and several magazines, websites, and nonprofit organizations. She has published her own novella, and has other literary projects currently in progress. Sara’s varied interests have also led her to teach children in Spain, tutor college students, run CPR and first aid classes, and organize student retreats.

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