How do I Choose the Best Wall Garden Fountains?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell
Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

When choosing from the various types of wall garden fountains, there are several factors the consumer should consider such as the material used in manufacturing, where the fountain will be placed, and the visual appeal and style of the fountain. Many people are using water features such as fountains to add a sense of serenity and beauty to areas in the home, office, or outdoors. These wall fountains can be mounted to an internal or external wall of a building, as well as to a fence or wall outdoors. Both indoor and outdoor fountains are typically easy to install, though it is not uncommon to hire a professional contractor to ensure the project is done correctly.

Wall garden fountains are made from several different materials, including tile, molded concrete, natural stone, and carved stone. Wall-mounted fountains made from concrete or natural stone are naturally porous and require special protection in the winter months if installed outdoors. Though these materials are incredibly durable, most gardening experts recommend covering the fountain sufficiently to protect them from the cold elements. Tile wall mounted garden fountains are often made from assorted tile to create a mosaic appearance and may require regular cleaning and grout repair to ensure their durability.

Some wall garden fountains are made for use either indoors or out, so it is important to consider placement when selecting your fountain. Experts suggest installing simply designed fountains outdoors to reduce the likelihood of damage to ornate decorations as a result of the weather elements, small animals, and birds. More ornate designs can be used, but the homeowner should be aware that additional maintenance will be necessary. Indoor wall garden fountains can be of any design and size as long as the place and plumbing capabilities allow. Consumers are encouraged to contact a professional when in doubt regarding the installation or care of a garden fountain.

The visual style or design of wall garden fountains is one of the most important considerations when choosing a fountain for your home or office. Not only are wall fountains available ready-made in home improvement stores and other shops, but you can choose to have one custom made for your needs. It is not unusual for consumers to request specific designs to fit with existing outdoor or indoor themes. Interested consumers can see hundreds of wall garden fountains on professional websites, in home improvement stores, and in magazines.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower