What are Water Garden Fountains? (with picture)

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
A water garden fountain.
A water garden fountain.

Water garden fountains are outdoor elements that circulate and purify water continuously in an artistic design. The designs often includes a pump and filter which make them both efficient and clean. They may be constructed of any type of durable, outdoor material that can withstand long exposure to weathering elements. They may be freestanding or mounted to an exterior surface, and are available for purchase from local home improvement stores or through the Internet.

These fountains typically function by recirculating water through a series of collection basins in a closed system. Most require electricity or battery power to operate, though some may be equipped with a self charging solar panel. The water is cycled by an internal pump and flows from an upper tier to a lower tier collection basin. This basin sends the water back through the internal pump, which also serves as a filter to prevent algae and water scum from accumulating in the fountain.

The materials used in the manufacture of water garden fountains includes brick, natural stone, fiberglass, and heavy gauge plastics. Brick fountains are often set into larger patio designs and may use a finished concrete basin interior for the actual water collection. Natural stone fountains may be used together with plastic collection basins to enhance and enlarge pre-existing garden features, such as a stream or small creak. Underwater pumps may be added to circulate the water to the mouth of the stream and maintain its purity. Fiberglass fountains are typically created in a manufacturing studio as one complete piece and are shaped and painted to resemble any type of surface the purchaser may wish, such as stone, brick, ceramic, or marble, among other features.

Lighting may be added to water garden fountains to create an element of drama or increase their aesthetic appeal. These lights are often placed underwater and are embedded in the basin materials to shine through the collection pool. They may also be placed on the exterior surface of the fountain in such a way that they may shine through the cascade of falling water created by the drainage of the upper collection pool to the lower.

Wall water garden fountains may be mounted to the exterior of the home and do not require garden space to display. These fountains are typically sold in one preassembled piece that can be affixed to any outdoor area. The water pump and any additional lighting are often hidden within the design and function silently once power has been directed to the unit. These items are ideal for homeowners who enjoy the serenity generated by a water feature located in or near the garden, but may not have the square footage to accommodate a larger, multi-pedestal unit.

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    • A water garden fountain.
      A water garden fountain.