What are the Different Types of Garden Water Features?

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There are a few types of garden water features that can add charm and a sense of calm to a garden. One type is a pond, which can either be dug into the dirt or created out of concrete. A water fountain is also often placed in a garden, with the types available ranging from a fountain that is attached to the wall or pond, to one that stands alone. A bird bath is often used to invite birds into the garden, as many people enjoy the presence of these animals around their home.

Water features can add a sense of calm to a garden.
Water features can add a sense of calm to a garden.

One of the most popular garden water features is a pond, which is often also called a garden pool. Technically, a pond is created by digging into the dirt, while a garden pool requires pouring concrete over the dirt, but most people refer to either type as a simple pond. These garden water features can be any size or shape, and some people even build a large network of ponds that connect to each other through a narrow waterway, allowing them to have several throughout the garden. The typical owner of a garden also opts to have wildlife in their pond, though doing so requires that the proper conditions for various creatures are met, including clean water and plenty of food. Therefore, those who want a low maintenance garden pond may decide to forego the wildlife.

A fountain with a lion's face.
A fountain with a lion's face.

Water fountains are also common fixtures in the usual garden design. A standalone fountain can be purchased, usually featuring a few tiers through which the water cycles, creating a tranquil sound. Some people prefer the kind of fountain that is attached to a wall, with the water pouring down from the top, trickling down to the bottom, and then starting over. Another type of fountain pairs nicely with a garden pond, as it can attach to the side of the pond, making the water feature look a bit larger and more sophisticated.

A bird bath is one of the most welcoming garden water features for birds, which is why those who enjoy the chatter of this type of wildlife may have at least one available. These range in size, with the deciding factors of which size to buy usually being the type of bird that is native to the area, and which birds the owner wishes to attract. It should be noted that these garden water features do require some maintenance since the water should be kept fresh, much like a pond that includes wildlife.

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A birdbath is definitely a nice backyard water feature. It does help to have a drip system in the birdbath since the birds are more likely to be attracted to the water that is moving, rather than the water that stands still.

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