What are Shed Kits?

J. Beam

When you build a garden shed or tool shed, you have a couple of options. You can hire someone to build it or build it yourself. If you elect to build it yourself, you can choose to order the building materials separately or order a shed kit. Shed kits are pre-packaged kits sold by lumber yards, home improvement stores, and similar retailers that contain material needed to build a shed. Whether you are building a metal shed or a wooden one, shed kits can be useful for the do-it-yourself minded homeowner.

Builders should make sure they have the correct tools before purchasing a shed kit.
Builders should make sure they have the correct tools before purchasing a shed kit.

Shed kits are available in a variety of styles and sizes to be ordered according to individual need and budget. Some shed kits are fairly inexpensive, costing only a few hundred dollars, while others can cost well over a thousand dollars depending on the size and construction material. In a typical shed kit, you will receive the building materials necessary for walls, any included shelving, hardware, doors, and roofing. A wooden shed kit should include siding. Blueprints and directions for assembling the shed are also included.

Shed kits are convenient in terms of avoiding a great deal of figuring prior to construction. When ordering materials separately, you would have to figure the amount of lumber, nails or screws, roofing material, and so forth ahead of time, as well as create your own design. This would be a difficult process for the average homeowner who knows little or nothing about basic construction. Most people who can read and understand a diagram and follow instructions can figure out the directions included in most shed kits.

Before ordering a shed kit, there are a few things to consider in terms of what is not included. Shed kits do not typically contain flooring. A floor kit has to be purchased separately, but in many cases, retailers may advertise specials that include a free floor kit with the purchase of specific shed kits. Look for these specials in early spring and summer, when most people tackle such projects. Also be sure to ask the retailer if shelving is included or sold separately. Some shed kits contain basic shelving, but organizers and specific shelving will probably be an additional purchase. Also confirm whether nails and screws are included and keep in mind you will need your own tools.

A standard 10 or 12-foot (3.04 – 3.65 meters) shed will easily take the average homeowner an entire weekend to complete and may require assistance from a good-natured friend or neighbor. While doing this type of project yourself can save you money, if you lack time, experience, or skill, you might consider having a contractor quote you a price or see if the retailer offers installation.

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