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How do I Choose the Best Wooden Shed?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The first step in choosing the best wooden shed is determining your size requirements. A wooden shed can be built to size or it can be purchased pre-fabricated, and you need to know what you plan to store in your shed before purchasing the materials necessary to build it. You will also need to measure the yard in which the wooden shed will be placed to ensure it is not too large or too small. A wooden shed that is too large can take over a yard and make the area less than functional, while a shed that is too small may not suit your needs. Take measurements first, then figure out the right size.

If your wooden shed will be used just for storage — lawnmowers, yard tools, gardening equipment, and so on — a prefabricated shed may be right for you. These can be purchased at many hardware stores or even online, and they can be delivered right to your home pre-built and ready for use. These sheds are simple structures that will provide shelter for equipment, and can be painted to suit your liking. Pre-fabricated wooden shed options are also cost-friendly, as you can choose the size and price range that suits you best.

Some sheds feature a concrete foundation.
Some sheds feature a concrete foundation.

People who will be using the shed for purposes other than storage may want to consider a custom-built shed. A shed with a workbench or art studio area will need to be larger and will more than likely need electricity run into it for lights and other accessories. In such cases, a gambrel shed — also known as a barn shed — may be a good choice because added storage space will be available in the rafters overhead, leaving more work space on the ground floor. These sheds are typically larger and take up more space in the yard, but they are also quite attractive and add a pleasing aesthetic to any yard.

The best sheds will be built on a solid foundation. Sheds used simply for storage purposes may be built on posts sunk into concrete footings, but sheds that will bear more weight would best be placed on a concrete slab. In either case, the foundation should be level to prevent items inside the shed from shifting, as well as to prevent buckling of floor boards and supports. Such buckling can lead to an unstable structure that can eventually collapse. Custom-built sheds can be built directly on a concrete slab, eliminating the need for a wooden floor altogether.

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    • Some sheds feature a concrete foundation.
      By: Mitchell Knapton
      Some sheds feature a concrete foundation.