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How do I Choose the Best Storage Shed Plans?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

If you are considering storage shed plans, you are more than likely considering a do-it-yourself project, which means you should have some carpentry knowledge and skills. Be sure to choose storage shed plans that are within your carpentry abilities; if you are not considering doing the project yourself but are instead considering plans for a professional builder, carefully consider your budget and your needs for the shed before settling on final plans. The materials used to construct the shed will have an impact on the storage shed plans as well as on the finished product, so be sure to research the different materials available.

Think about how you will use the shed. If you are considering storage shed plans for garden tools and hand tools, a small shed may be sufficient, but if you plan on parking a riding mower inside or storing larger machinery, you will need to consider a larger shed. When you store heavy machinery inside the shed, or you will be building a larger shed, it is more likely that you will need to pour a concrete slab for a foundation, rather than simply pouring concrete footings to support posts. A concrete slab will add to the overall cost of the shed, but it will also add significantly to the strength of the structure.

If a person plans on storing a riding lawn mower, a larger shed may be needed.
If a person plans on storing a riding lawn mower, a larger shed may be needed.

Storage shed plans will vary significantly by the materials used to build the shed. Wood sheds are most common because wood is easy to work with on-site and cut to size, but it is not the most weatherproof choice. Larger sheds are often built from wood, as are sheds that are made to custom sizes and shapes. Metal sheds can also be built, but metal is not as easy to work with on site. It may be quite strong and cheaper than wood, and it will be mostly weather-resistant, but the options for customization after the shed is built will be limited.

Most sheds are simple square structures, so most storage shed plans will be written as such. If you have different needs, you will probably need to get custom plans drawn up. Stock storage shed plans can accommodate customization — especially if you plan on customizing the inside of the shed, such as adding a workbench or storage overhead — but remember that the more customization you add, the more money the shed will cost and more effort will be necessary to complete the structure.

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    • If a person plans on storing a riding lawn mower, a larger shed may be needed.
      By: aigarsr
      If a person plans on storing a riding lawn mower, a larger shed may be needed.