What are the Different Types of Shed Doors?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
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Some shed doors roll up so a homeowner can park a vehicle inside the building. Other sheds might have a set of double doors that swing outward. Structures could also have a single door with a knob or handle for people to walk through. Custom doors might be made for pets or farm animals. They might be made of wood, metal, vinyl, fiberglass, or a combination of these materials.

When outdoor buildings are used to house vehicles or garden equipment, it can sometimes be practical to have shed doors like those normally found on garages. These types of doors are typically a solid piece made of steel or aluminum. They are opened by rolling them upward from the bottom, where they then rest on a set of runners overhead. Garage doors such as these might be wide enough for one or two vehicles.

Outdoor storage buildings could have garage doors that slide back and forth. These are typically wide enough for only one vehicle to pass through. Shed doors such as these typically slide on a set of runners that are placed horizontally just above the door frame to allow access to the structure.

In other cases, shed doors might swing outward. These types of doors usually resemble those found on a barn. They might be kept in place by a wooden bar, which folds down and latches into a groove in order to keep the doors closed. This type is usually made of wood and has heavy metal hinges attaching them to the frame of the building.

Some shed doors look like those found on a house. These may be found on smaller buildings that are not intended to hold large equipment. They often have a keyed lock which provides the outdoor storage building with added security.

There are also different size shed doors for animals to go through. This could consist of a doggy door attached to a regular door, or a custom-made opening for goats and pigs. These may have a flap over the top of them which does not lock, so the animals can be free to come and go at will.

Many different materials can be used to construct shed doors. Doors are often made from the same type of materials as the rest of the structure. When they serve as garage doors, they are usually metal even though the shed itself may be wood or vinyl. Almost any type of door can be painted to match the exterior of the structure, so homeowners can easily choose a style they like.

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    • Woman posing
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