What Should I Include on a Sales Curriculum Vitae?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A retail clerk working.
A retail clerk working.

Since sales is a proactive field that focuses on results and specifics, it's important to use this approach on your curriculum vitae (CV). Always use point form text marked with a bullet, or asterisk star, and start with a past-tense verb such as "Met sales quotas consistently." Include your point form accomplishments in both your education and work history sections on your sales curriculum vitae. Accentuate, but never exaggerate, your strengths, even if your sales experience or education isn't as strong as you'd like; you have to work with the benefits you have to offer employers. Your sales CV should sell your skills to potential employers in a persuasive, yet honest presentation.

After your name and contact information, make sure to include your objective. It should be placed between the contact information and the body of your sales curriculum vitae. In most cases, you should use the exact title of the advertised position you're applying for as your employment objective. Sometimes, you may want to make the objective stronger such as "Quota-Achieving Sales Representative" if the job mentions that specific expectation. To begin the body of your sales CV, start with either your education or work experience, whichever is stronger.

Highlight your accomplishments in each category in the body of your sales curriculum vitae. If you achieved a high grade point average (GPA), mention that. If you received top marks on any sales-related courses you completed, showcase that while also mentioning what the key achievements were that earned you the grades. Sales seminars or training that you completed could be included in the education section of your CV. If grades or certificates don't apply, use point form text to sum up what relevant skills you gained, such as "learned to use sales forecasting software." Include the course title, whether it was in-person or online and the date you completed it.

Your work experience section should all be sales related. This is usually very simple to do on a sales curriculum vitae, as many jobs relate to selling in some way. For example, retail clerks aren't supposed to be mere order takers, but also facilitate sales by making buying suggestions to customers. If you want to include jobs on the CV that aren't sales-oriented, then it's only a good idea to do so if they have a strong emphasis on customer service. While not directly results-based, customer service is still a crucial skill to have in any type of sales work.

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    • A retail clerk working.
      A retail clerk working.