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What Should I Include on a Project Manager Curriculum Vitae?

N. Kalu
N. Kalu

As someone interested in applying for a project manager position, your project manager curriculum vitae (CV) should detail your management experience as well as quantifiable outcomes of your leadership on work teams. Project management requires coordination between many different corporate departments, such as engineering, accounting, executive, and creative. Any experience you have had juggling projects between these different departments should be included on your CV. You should also list your educational background and any certificates you may have.

Including aspects of your leadership experience is critical to raising your chances of securing a project manager job. Your goal in writing a project manager curriculum vitae is to distinguish yourself from other job seekers who may have similar background and years of experience. You can differentiate yourself by explaining three to four specific instances where your management skills have led a team to success. Mentioning any feedback from former clients on your performance is another great way to show that you are at the top of your game when it comes to project management.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

In your project manager curriculum vitae, it is important to demonstrate that you possess a sense of flexibility and ingenuity when dealing with different teams within a company. Give an example of a time when you successfully coordinated disparate parts of a company in order to complete a client project. You may want to include an instance when you overcame a particularly difficult scheduling conflict between teams. A concise explanation should suffice for any example you choose to use, and only include information that is relevant to your management style and aptitude.

As a project manager, you may already have some sort of certification in project management. Including information about your certification will impress potential employers and show that you have dedicated yourself to the field through intense study and diligence. It may also give you an advantage over other project manager job seekers who do not have official certification.

Although your educational background is not as important as your experience as a project manager, it is still important to list these credentials on your project manager curriculum vitae. Include any degrees you have received or programs you have attended. There are also many degree programs available specifically in project management, which may give you an advantage over other candidates. Many employers view degree completion as an indicator of the candidate's willingness to follow through on a project, which is a needed skill for project managers.

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone