What is the Best Way to Handle an Insurance Dispute?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes
Sometimes a dispute is about responsibility for an accident.
Sometimes a dispute is about responsibility for an accident.

Handling an insurance dispute requires patience and diligence. These types of issues often arise between customers and insurance companies, and they are normally resolved with proper documentation and persistence. The best way to resolve a typical dispute is by contacting the insurance provider to discuss the issue. This will typically lead to resolution or mitigation approaches.

An insurance dispute typically begins when an insurance claim is denied based on the rules that govern an insurance policy. It is important to carefully and properly document insurance disputes. This typically includes making phone calls and writing letters to the insurance provider. If this is unsuccessful, and the claim warrants further review, legal assistance may be necessary.

Depending on the type of insurance in question, insurance disputes can vary widely. Some examples of insurance policies include homeowner's, health, life, automobile, and warranty insurance. Each type of insurance policy has specific rules that govern how disputes should be managed and resolved.

Homeowner's insurance protects a homeowner from household loss due to fire and other disasters. This insurance also protects the material goods and people that live in a home. Homeowner's insurance policy disputes typically occur because of inadequate coverage on certain specific types of disasters. One of the best ways to handle this type of insurance dispute is by contacting the insurance agency about the issues.

Automobile insurance is an accident protection policy that is meant to protect drivers from injury claims that result from car accidents. When an individual has a dispute over an automotive policy after an accident, it is best to seek the advice of a lawyer. These policies are generally complicated and disputes over them can often requires the advice of an experienced professional.

Health insurance is a commonly disputed insurance policy. This type of insurance dispute is typically resolved with a phone call to the insurance company or doctor. Strict rules on deductibles and maximum coverage constraints generally apply to claims for these policies. Many times, doctors mistype the policy codes or descriptions of services rendered, which causes an accidental denial of a benefit from the insurance provider.

Dental insurance is another commonly contested insurance. This type of insurance dispute is similar to the problems encountered with medical insurance claims. These policies cover dental cleaning and teeth hygiene, and they often require policyholders to pay a deductible or a co-payment. When a person has a dispute with a dental policy, he should contact the insurance provider to determine why the claim was denied.

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    • Sometimes a dispute is about responsibility for an accident.
      By: Scott Leman
      Sometimes a dispute is about responsibility for an accident.