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What Is Personalized Hand Sanitizer?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux
Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

Personalized hand sanitizer is a hand sanitizer that has been packaged and labeled specifically to represent a person or business. The label of the sanitizer container contains an original message or a logo for the business that opts to distribute them. Similar to other sanitizers, personalized hand sanitizer eliminates germs when a person is unable to wash his hands.

People and businesses usually give personalized hand sanitizer as a favor. The idea is to help the recipient remember the event he attended, or alternately, to promote the distributing business. Using the sanitizer in this capacity usually means the giver uses smaller containers, making it easier for the recipient to slip into a purse or pocket, carry around and use.

Personalized hand sanitizer.
Personalized hand sanitizer.

Some companies allow people or businesses to order personalized sanitizers. All the buyer has to do is choose or supply the design he wants or give the supplier the message text desired. Sometimes the companies that manufacture the sanitizer require buyers to order in bulk, however, which individuals might not be able to do or have a need for.

A person can design his own personalized sanitizer. The first step is to obtain empty containers that will hold the sanitizer, as well as the sanitizer itself. Using a laser printer, the desired message or logo can be printed on some transparency film which is then attached to the container. If desired, givers can embellish the personalized hand sanitizer with items such as ribbons for a better presentation.

Hand sanitizers may contain aloe vera gel to lubricate the skin.
Hand sanitizers may contain aloe vera gel to lubricate the skin.

When a person chooses to make his own sanitizer, if he has a little ambition or doesn't like the manufactured sanitizers available, he can create a personalized hand sanitizer from scratch. The best base for this is aloe vera gel, which both soothes and hydrates skin. Water helps improve the consistency of the aloe, while ingredients such as grain alcohol or lemon can disinfect. Essential oils usually have antibacterial or antimicrobial properties and add fragrance.

The benefit of a personalized hand sanitizer is that it adapts so easily to various settings. Givers can present them at everything from weddings to business lunches, and virtually anyone can use them. Even though they have a wide appeal, these items are especially appropriate for individuals who have hygiene concerns or who are in the medical field.

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    • Personalized hand sanitizer.
      By: Ewa Brozek
      Personalized hand sanitizer.
    • Hand sanitizers may contain aloe vera gel to lubricate the skin.
      By: sassyphotos
      Hand sanitizers may contain aloe vera gel to lubricate the skin.